ShowYouSuck-ShowYouSuck Raps Over Toro y Moi Songs EP

I’m unfamiliar with ShowYouSuck, but if you’re going to take on tracks from one of the best producers in today’s music scene, I’m listening. The hilarious artwork doesn’t hurt either. It’s pretty much the artwork Drake should be attaching to his albums/singles/walls at his house.

Here he takes on three tracks from Toro’s fantastic Anything In Return album, grabbing Cola, Cake and Never Matter as his backdrops on this project. All three were very enjoyable listens on the original, particularly Cola, and it’ll be interesting to see how they’re taken on. Again, with no prior knowledge of SYS, it’s a strong way to introduce yourself, and at worst should refresh those originals for many Toro fans. Free download below

ShowYouSuck-ShowYouSuck Raps Over Toro y Moi Songs EP

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