Nelly-Heaven ft. Daley

Let me make this clear- I’m not a fan of this track at all. However, it’s great to see the homegrown talents of Daley extend beyond our proud nation and further into the US scene, as he comes together with Nelly for his latest single from the upcoming M.O. album.

It’s quite likely to be a bit of a mainstream hit too. It’s got the hallmarks of an old-school Nelly crowd-pleaser, from the pop-tinged, acoustic guitar-driven production through to the heavy reliance on a catchy hook, and those fans who enjoyed his Kelly Rowland/Tim McGraw singles will probably eat this one up. For the rest of us though, it’s entirely skippable-give it one listen just to catch Daley at his soaring best (in what is a strong audition to become a more regular hook guy for others), and you’re welcome to never revisit it again after that.

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