Mickey Factz-The New Rockstars (Culture)

Everyone and their horse has heard Kanye West’s interview with Zane Lowe, and now Mickey Factz grabs a couple of choice soundbites from that now-infamous conversation for a pretty strong hip-hop jam.

The production is one that’ll thoroughly assault your speakers, combining a thunderous percussion with a dash of vocal samples and bassy synth for an intense backdrop that adds plenty of aggression to Mickey’s raps. Those raps are enjoyable throughout, opening with support for the sample Kanye statements, and moving into a criticism of rap and further down into a mixture of rock and cultural references and bragging raps. It’s certainly not one of Mickey’s storytelling efforts- instead, it’s 4 minutes of consistent rapping in a bouncy flow that rides along the booming percussion well, and packs in a couple of strong wordplay sections. Worth a listen, and hopefully more music is on the way.

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