MGMT-MGMT (Full Album Stream)

MGMT’s psychedelic sound is hit and miss. Parts of their previous albums have been fantastic, whilst others go beyond skippable into deletable. Hence, it’s with some trepidation that I approach this album, dubbed as their most experimental to date, but also with a little bit of hope- they undoubtedly have a streak of brilliance in amongst their wild playfulness, and more creative freedom might just allow that to expand further into the music.

Or it might not. Alien Days wasn’t terrible by any means, but Your Life Is A Lie failed to win me over, and with a relatively short album at 10 tracks, you’ve got to hope that the other 80% isn’t too close in quality to the already-released 20%. Don’t allow my caution to put you off though: this is an experienced duo, and one with a lot of talent- for all the confusion this LP’s sounds might bring, that shred of genius will hopefully come to the fore. Available to buy next week.

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