MeLo-x-GOD:WiFi EP

For the final chapter of MeLo-X’s GOD EP series, we find the artist connecting the global dots he has acquired throughout his travels around the world. From enlisting producers from South Africa like B EZE, and joining creative seductive forces with Lary Poppins from Germany, to the small vocal dialogues throughout the EP in French, Spanish and more, MeLo-X paints a vivid picture of an artist becoming a globally recognized contributor to music and art.

Wasting no time MeLo will be readying his official album GOD: Pièce de Résistance as a culmination of all the EP’s with exclusive new material.

MeLo’s had a fantastic year with this GOD series, and he finishes the trilogy with yet another free EP. I’ve somehow missed the singles that have landed before today’s release, though the eclectic features listed above along with an appearance from Sango suggests we’re in for a diverse, varied EP that should offer yet another string to MeLo’s bow. He’s definitely turned some heads this year, and hopefully he closes the series with the same level of quality he’s previously delivered, ahead of that full album release soon. Stream and download for free below.


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