Lupe Fiasco-Pound of Flesh / Paris, Tokyo 2

So unexpected is the relative flurry of recent material from Lupe, that I’m actually slipping a little with keeping on top of it. Minor problems though, and I expect this freestyle over Drake’s Pound Cake beat will be many listeners’ favourite Lupe track from the batch released in the last few months.

As I’ve not listened to Drake’s album yet (not a vendetta, just no time!), this is my first exposure to the laidback production and it’s rather impressive. Its atmospheric R&B qualities are reminsicent of various highlights from Drake’s back catalogue, and is not only very enjoyable but serves as a backdrop you wouldn’t normally associate with Lupe. It works really well for him though, with the moody, introspective beat adding a great accompaniment to Lupe’s stream of consciousness, which manifests itself as a pack of individually clever lines, and entertaining couplets. It’s all packed into a very unique flow, with the brief pauses usually found around smart points of juxtaposition, as he skillfully knots rhymes together that are equally effective when seperated- it’s a memorable delivery that’s utilised well to almost get double usage out of the most simple conjoining terms. Really worth a listen, and bestowing this the Paris, Tokyo 2 title only goes to show that this isn’t just throwaway rap- Lupe’s taken this one rather seriously. Tetsuo and Youth, coming soon.

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