Jhene Aiko-Bed Peace ft. Childish Gambino

Several images of the two working together surfaced in recent weeks, and one of the products from those sessions has emerged, as the first single from Jhene’s upcoming Sail Out EP.

Laidback doesn’t even begin to describe this one. Opening with gentle guitar strums (that remind me of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, the name of which has eluded me), Jhene enters the fray with her ever-relaxing vocals, with that delivery actually masking what are quite brash, honest lyrics from start to finish. It’s almost surprising just how smoothly her soft voice can cover some of the forthcoming lyricism, from encouraging the object of her affections to get wasted instead of working and to indulge in some adultery, and credit to Jhene for that deceptive delicateness- it’s clearly an intentional feature, making the lyricism sound ‘acceptable’, and hence convincing her male company of the very same thing. Gambino’s appearance is enjoyable, as he tones down the cadence to deliver a sombre yet satisfied performance, which smartly comes off as rather more conversational and responsive than as an isolated verse in the middle of a gentle Jhene song. It’s a good adjustment that makes the guest verse entirely seamless in the context of the track, and this is a very good start ahead of an anticipated EP.

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