Hodgy Beats-Karateman ft. Left Brain (Video)

Hodgy’s Untitled 2 EP was a generally strong project, and this effort certainly stood out as a favourite for many.

It’s one of those that somehow strikes that difficult middle ground between upbeat and laidback, throwing forth a production with elements of both styles, and sliding it underneath verses that pack plenty of energy in, and mellow, easygoing verses. Left Brain’s dulcet tones make for a good blend with the production too, working in contrast to Hodgy’s high-pitched verses to cool the song off a little. It’s a solid hybrid sound throughout, and one that makes for very versatile listening- hence, it’ll endure beyond a few lazy sunny day plays.

The video works more with the laidback elements, featuring Hodgy smoking, walking and just hanging around a pool/house party, along with a couple of cameos from his Odd Future cohorts. Nothing massively notable, but a bit of fun and a good fit with the relatively light-hearted audio. Available on the EP linked above.

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