HAIM-Days Are Gone (Full Album Stream)

For whatever criticism they may field, HAIM’s unique blend of styles and sounds still wins me over almost every time. It’s good to see that they’ve achieved relative mainstream success, and with their debut LP due out tomorrow, they let the full thing go (a few days ago) for streaming. I’ve said several times previously that such a move is confident, but it’s especially so by an act without a full album to their name, and fingers crossed the material holds up.

There are four or five tracks that relatively long time fans will recognise, including the three openers, which should allow for a good level of familiarity with the 11-track album. Within those few previously-released tracks is a wide array of musical influences, so it’s only fair to assume the rest of the album will further display their eclectic, adapatable nature, and result in a very diverse project. Check the stream out below, and grab that album tomorrow if you’re suitably impressed.

HAIM-Days Are Gone

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