Floco Torres-Psycadelphia Two (Album)

The sequel to the “Psycadelphia” EP back in 2009. Floco returns to Psycadelphia after leaving it ruins after an unsuccessful start. During his departure, he left behind many that he brought along in order to find his true purpose of creating the world to begin with. This is the story of rebuilding a world and convincing those that believe in it to allow him to lead one last time. Welcome. Again….

One of my favourite rappers to emerge this year is Floco Torres. Though he’s been around for a few years, it’s his work this year that’s really brought him to our attention, and this 12-track sequel to one of his earliest works provides not only a lengthy addition to the libraries of his new fans, but also a nice nod toward his oft-overlooked back catalogue. Haven’t managed to give this a run through yet, and despite my recent listening habits momentarily sitting away from hip-hop, I’ll certainly break that spell to add this to my playlists- given his previous penchant for diverse, ecelctic track types, there’s bound to be something to fit most moods. Stream here, or grab the album below.

Floco Torres-Psycadelphia Two

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