Eminem-Bezerk (Video)

Understandably, a lot of Em fans aren’t keen on this, but I certainly am and this video only serves to enhance that. It might be because Em’s set such a low benchmark with the poor produce of his last 3 albums, but it just feels much closer to the Eminem that warped so many of us as youths. Part of that seems to be the revival of the Slim Shady character too, signified by the return of his trademark blonde hair. Clearly, that’s a stunt designed to try and get those hip-hop heads back on his side, but if you compare this to the first singles from his last two albums, that simple stunt combines with this seeming improvement for more than a glimmer of hope.

The visual pays a bit of homage to a Beastie Boys classic, mirroring the influences many heard in the audio, whilst the common factor between the Beasties and this single also makes an extended cameo- Rick Rubin makes a rare appearance in front of the camera, indicative of his influence on this track and possibly on the entire album Em’s got coming. Other cameos include several Slaughterhouse appearances (Joell Ortiz has lost a lot of weight!), a fun Kendrick Lamar appearance, whilst Kid Rock and Yelawolf pop up too, adding to what is an active, busy visual that captures the energy of the track well. It’s not hugely complicated, and instead is a pretty simple slice of fun that offers just enough promise to actually give me some hope for this upcoming LP.

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