Dan Kent - Feels Like Fire ft. Kuniva (of D12), Flexplicit & KOF [Video]

Avid readers of OTU know that we’ve been following producer Dan Kent’s progress closely over the last three years (check the rest of his stuff out posted on OTU here), and here he returns with a new vid.

This is from his upcoming debut EP release, Feels Like Fire, which will feature heavy hitters such as Wiley and Krept & Konan, as well as US artists such as Kuniva on this track, and fellow Shady alumni Cashis.

This title track from the EP comes with an ultra addictive chorus that’s guaranteed to have you playing this on repeat. D12 member Kuniva combines with Birmingham rapper Flexplicit & Liverpool rapper KOF to provide a cultural blend of hip hop.

Keep an eye out for the EP, it’s not far away from release.

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