Context - Small Town Lad Sentiments (Mike Skinner Remix)

Context is another upcoming OTU have been keeping a close eye on over the last few years, with Context signing worldwide publishing and songwriting deal with EMI/Sony expect to see a lot of movement over the next year.

His last single, Small Town Lad Sentiments, received lots of radio play and Mike Skinner was so enamoured with the song he not only decided to remix the track himself, but direct (and also feature in) the official video for the remix too!

No surprises, given that this is produced by Mike Skinner, that this track feels like it’s come straight from an album from The Streets, but it’s the relatable lyrics that really reminds me of that Streets feel. A lyric that The Guardian picked out also resonated with me too:

“We grew up being told that actions speak louder than words, but you need cash to act and I’m skint – fractions speak louder than verbs”

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