Chase and Status-Machine Gun ft. Pusha T

Take Pusha’s gritty, aggressive sound and quite rightly, you wouldn’t think it a natural fit for Chase and Status’ electronic stylings (if you’re barely a casual fan of the latter, as I am). Here though, the duo show their versatility and adaptability as they take their powerful electro style and inject a gritty quality that suits Pusha down to the ground.

From the crunching bass through to the ominous, urgent melodies, it’s an intense production that captures a dark, industrial vibe that feels more suited to a drug-fuelled underground rave than your local nightclub. It’s a really harsh production, which in most circumstances would be a bit overwhelming for my tender ears (ignoring my heavy metal tendencies), but here is tempered by frequent ‘cool off’ periods, and believe it or not by Pusha’s snarling raps. He’s rarely known for easing a track off, but comparatively speaking his arrogant raps provide relative calm in a dynamic, high-octane environment, and hence show his own versatility alongside that of the producer duo.

It’s hard to tell whether this will translate well to clubs, but it’ll throttle your car speakers pretty well, which is more than good enough. C&S’ Brand New Machine album lands on 7th October.

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