Arctic Monkeys-Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You

Their AM album lands next Tuesday, and in advance of its release they let this effort loose, one that didn’t make the final cut for the LP.

If you enjoyed Do I Wanna Know?, you’re likely to be a fan of this too. It oozes the same glam rock fundamentals, with sleazy, grinding guitar work that’s actually remarkably similar to the aforementioned single (which may even be the reason they cut the track). It moves along at a much quicker pace than that track though, driving along courtesy of more urgent, head-nodding percussion work that carries those slimy guitar plucks forth at a good rate, whilst it’s also far more instrumentally-driven- there are several spots whereby the production is allowed plenty of space to breathe, which works well throughout. The vocal contribution is still enjoyable though, with Turner’s mellow, relatively easygoing delivery combining with the instrumentation’s seedy qualities to good effect, and finishing off what is a generally strong effort. Available on iTunes now.

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