The Weeknd-Live For ft. Drake

Right now, The Weeknd is relentless in his promotional run ahead of the upcoming Kiss Land album, and lets loose yet another single (the 4th, by my count) from the project, this time giving the reconciliation (if there ever really was an issue) between himself and Drake a tangible output.

Initially, you may struggle with this. It’s an unusual blend between motivational and creepily dark, but as the track progresses it’ll wear you down a little. The production opens with lonely, sombre guitar plucks for the first verse, before an intense, piercing percussion throws its weight around on the hook, almost entirely overshadowing the aforementioned guitar work, though it does remain there to offer consistency. Remnants of that drum line hang around for Drake’s verse to keep some of that vibrancy intact, and make the transition to the second and final hook rather less dramatic- credit goes to the dynamism of the board work for being non-static, unpredictable and flexible. It’s the lyrical output that lets this one down, with a sole focus on bragging and arrogance, which doesn’t really maximise the qualities of the atmospheric production they’re backed by. Though it’s not a performance on the level of previous Kiss Land releases, The Weeknd’s vocals are generally good throughout, and will undoubtedly help make this hook a popular, singalong effort within mainstream crowds (much like Crew Love), even if its nowhere near his best work. When Kiss Land drops on 10th September, I’ll likely be skipping this track.

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