TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank)-I Need (Video)

Many R&B heads were wholly won over by the audio for this on its release, and the veteran trio follow that buzz up with a set of suitably throwback visuals, upping that buzz ahead of the album release on 20th August.

Unnecessarily dramatic, overly emotional and more- it’s textbook old school R&B. From the boyband-esque white outfits, to the expansive landscapes they croon within, and the largely unconnected dramatics surrounding their individual verses, it’s a lot of fun in truth and one of those music videos that you have to suspend your ‘critical’ side to watch; that is never a bad thing, as it lends itself to a far more fun, enjoyable experience. Tank croons in front of a burning house, Tyrese pulls up his car at a petrol station whilst arguing with his lady, whilst Ginuwine gets hyperactive on a motorbike with female accompaniment. There’s no attempt at storyline or hidden messaging, and its simplicity is fine in truth, allowing for a nostalgic video to accompany those soaring vocals and soulful production.

A lot of fun if you don’t take it too seriously, and backed by an addictive R&B track. Look out for that Three Kings album in a few weeks.

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