Nipsey Hu$$le-Change Nothing

Having long championed Nipsey as one of my favourite West Coast acts in recent years, it’s always good to get fresh work from the upcoming rapper.

I’ve been on a mini-spree of old school West Coast rap recently, and this effort may just conjure up memories of that style. The production is a great blend of intense, mellow and fast-moving, with urgent melodies sitting above quickfire percussion for the verses, and airy synths and drifty vocal samples thrown in around the hook-the result is a track with plenty of energy, but just enough smoothness to make it a good summer listen. Nipsey’s not known for being lazy with his raps, and his crisp flow is on point once again here, riding along the pulsating production well and coolly adjusting his cadence on the beat’s various transitions. The lyricism is again a combination of street realism and arrogant, bragger raps, and whilst that’s not to everyone’s tastes, it works with the production well enough to deliver that classic West vibe. Will hang around my playlists for some time to come, and hopefully a new project is on the way soon.

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