M83-Claudia Lewis (Video)

Time has only improved the Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming LP, probably to the point that I’d consider it one of my favourite albums of the last 5 years, and as it approaches its 2nd birthday, they revisit the LP with new visuals.

If ever a band took the inherent cinematic quality of their music and pretty much did whatever the hell they want visually, knowing it would work anyway, it’s these guys. Their previous releases have sat somewhere between mysterious, brilliant and bizarre, and this doesn’t change that in the slightest, though leans more toward the bizarre than the brilliant if we’re being honest. It’s pretty much a leftfield take on the schoolboy/girl crush scenario, with the girl in question having some unusual supernatural qualities, particularly an E.T.-esque finger, which then escalates into her essentially proving to be some kind of alien being. Simple on the outside, but it seems the suggestion is that rather than her being a literal alien, it’s more an implication of the impact she has on him, and his view on her unbelievable…ness. Or, she’s an alien.

Either way, when it’s soundtracked by a typically-grandiose M83 affair, it can be as weird or corny as you like: it ends up being gripping either way. If you were left behind whilst the rest of humanity were evolving and you don’t have this album, get it now.

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