M.I.A.-Unbreak My Mixtape

Despite the promo run for the Matangi album going a little quiet, she’s back with a new release that we can only assume is set for that upcoming LP.

It’s a rather offbeat effort too. Fom glitch electronica through to classic alternative, it’s a production built on sharp percussion, a meandering pace and stuttery melodies, and despite its minimal nature, it manages to throw together the sounds of several genres. That’s before even mentioning the Blur and Karen Dalton samples. M.I.A.’s vocals are rather off-kilter, facets which sound quite deliberate throughout as she appears to be trying to capture a raw, almost-’homemade’ style feel. Combine that with the relationship-oriented lyricism, and you’ve got a track that ends up being even more off-centre in the context of M.I.A., for its unusually ‘regular’ lyrical output. Like much of her music, the first listen probably won’t win you over, but stick with it as there’s definitely something likeable about it.

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