Lupe Fiasco-SLR 3 (Round of Applause)

Lupe Fiasco
Whether it’s that Kendrick verse or the fact his Tetsuo and Youth album is due in the coming months, Lupe has been on a mini-tear recently in terms of releasing material, both in terms of original work and features.

Unlike SLR 2, Lupe generally seems a little more relaxed here, coming through with his typically-intelligent and double entendre-heavy raps, but in a laidback delivery with only a couple of heightened emotional bursts. Whilst many enjoyed hearing Lupe finally step away from his perenially-easygoing style, his raps here suit the beat excellently, with frequent collaborator Soundtrakk serving up a soulful, slightly triumphant production that will certainly evoke memories of Lupe’s Food & Liquor debut; the combination of smooth percussion with the bursts of celebratory horns makes for a contemporary production with a nice vintage twist, with a soulful outcome that’ll be rightly compared to some of the beats on the aforementioned album. A very enjoyable piece, and if its an indication of what to expect on T&Y, we’re in for a good project.

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