Kings of Leon-Wait For Me

I referred to this single’s predecessor as rather frenetic and cacophonous. The same most certainly won’t be said about this follow-up, the second release from their upcoming Mechanical Bull album. Sidenote: Supersoaker also had a video released today, which you can see here.

It’s a much more laidback affair, pulling in wistful guitar plucks and slow-paced, chunky percussion for an easygoing, relatively mellow backdrop, but one that still has a good level of intensity and vibrance in the right places. That arrives via the combination of the bass work and the aforementioned percussion, which fills out every corner of the soundscape with great skill, whilst the instrumentation step-up for the hook is also a notable high point. There are several other transitions too, and for such a dynamic instrumentation, credit has to go to the vocal work for providing the relaxing consistency that ties the track together into that smooth package, with the performance suitably scaled back in places to allow the naturally-calming guitar work room to breathe, and equally Caleb’s work is amplified a little in precisely the right places.

Whilst their albums and tracks have a tendency to vary in terms of style, this carries the sound of a band who are at total ease with this laidback direction, and frankly it’s the one that suits them best for me. Album arrives on 24th September.

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