Kavinsky-Odd Look (Video)

Some (but probably no-one) will remember his previous video release, featuring Kavinsky driving around like a bit of a hero and maiming police officers. This is essentially a continuation of that, as a superhero-styled Kavinsky stops off at a roadside diner, and proceeds to smack the ever-loving sh*t out of some rather rapey criminals/rapists. One of them even wets himself.

Much like its predecessor, it’s hardly complicated stuff, and instead is pretty much just visual badassery. Kavinsky gets to be a Superman/Terminator hybrid, beat up bad guys, and save the girl- what’s not to like. Well, besides the bad acting.

The track is a smooth electronic affair, combining jagged synths, mellow percussion and robotic vocals together for a quick blast of middling electro, sitting somewhere between lively and easygoing. It’s certainly nothing that’ll jolt you into life in the morning though, and hence is a pretty easy addition to pad out any playlist. OutRun is available now.

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