John Legend-Love In The Future (Full Album Stream)

A fortnight ago, the music scene was ablaze with hype (mostly thanks to Kendrick’s Control verse), so it’s disappointing that the last week has been completely barren in comparison. That lull is over, and in a big way today.

John Legend’s latest LP is due out on 3rd September, and an expectant soul crowd awaits what will surely be another great addition to his already-strong back catalogue. John’s unquestionable vocal gifts make him such a versatile performer, and an underrated one at that, which should bode well for an album that’s seen singles of rather differing styles released ahead of the full project’s arrival- he’s known more for his slower, soulful ballads but we’ve had midtempo and uptempo tracks from him both recently and in the past, and let’s hope that same level of diversity is present here. Stream below, and pre-order the thing if you’re a fan.

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