Joey Bada$$-Killuminati pt. 2

Isn’t it interesting that none of the rappers that Kendrick namechecked haven’t responded musically, but almost everyone else has? I’m not complaining at all, and frankly responses from the likes of Budden, Lupe and Bada$$ are more welcomed than some of those named, but it almost justifies Kendrick’s ‘attack’ if they remain apathetic to competition.

Joey leaves the Control beat alone and goes for an original Knxwledge piece, letting out some semi-aggressive raps over a smooth, soulful production. Joey’s performance is good throughout, combining a couple of clever lines and themed quartets with an intense delivery, and of course a couple of light jabs at Kendrick, for a rounded performance that probably won’t go down as a classic but instead a solid listen. Notable is Joey’s ever-increasing confidence, comparing himself to most of NY’s greats, and doing so with plenty of conviction, making for a slice of arrogance that’s more about his ability than the things he owns- welcomed as a relative rarity in today’s scene. Worth a listen, even if it does seem as though Joey was holding back a little.

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