Joell Ortiz-Control Freestyle

joell ortiz
Let the competition begin. Unless you’ve been buried in a grave for the last day, you’ll know Kendrick Lamar has pretty much set the entire internet on fire with his combative verse on Big Sean’s Control, to such an extent that the rare Jay Electronica appearance got mostly overlooked.

Arguably the most inflammatory statement (in the spirit of competition, of course) was Kendrick declaration that he’s ‘the king of NY’, despite his California origin, a proclamation that provoked several interesting responses and observations on Twitter from his rap peers. Talk is easy and talk is cheap: Joell takes action with the first response to Lamar’s verse, representing both his NY heritage and his Slaughterhouse team. In the vein of the original it’s not about personal attacks, and rather about expressing a sense of general frustration, as Joell takes aim at mainstream hip-hop and a few of its incumbents, including a couple of thinly-veiled jabs at some of his hip-hop colleagues. It moves away from the directly competitive elements into an aggressive Joell showcase as the track evolves, but the intensity and venom in Joell’s voice is a great listen in any context, and a strong opening response from the NY scene. Who’s next?

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