Hodgy Beats-Heart of the City Remix

There is never a bad time to be reminded of this thoroughly-excellent Kanye West production. Not only was it one of the primary pieces that led Kanye to the position he’s currently in, but it arguably still stands up as one of the finer beats in his entire back catalogue. Many will disagree, but to those I offer this rebuttal: I don’t care.

Hodgy does a smooth job on the soulful, triumphant production, coming through with his characteristically laidback style and packing it into a relatively sharp flow that has a couple of nice high-speed peaks. Lyrically, it’s one most mainstream rappers would be quite pleased with, combining arrogant raps with a little wit to keep that net cast wide, and making this one accessible to a pretty varied audience. Of course, dissenters will suggest he shouldn’t touch a production of this ilk, but in truth it’s a nice refresh of a track I suspect many have played into the ground, and will surely bring the fantastic production to a brand new generation of listeners. Worth a go for sure.

Hodgy Beats-Heart of the City Remix

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