Floco Torres-Bad Guy (OTU Exclusive)

Floco Torres - Bad Guy artwork
Floco’s Psycadelphia Two is set for release on 16th September, and he’s kindly allowed OTU to be the first site to throw this track out there. Let’s be honest- knowing my naturally-critical nature, it’s probably riskier than Floco realises.

Thankfully, the music holds up. If V For Vendetta had a rap soundtrack (the novel, not the film), this would be a surefire inclusion- it’s dark, moody and full of grounded, everyday lyricism that makes it both realistic and relatable. The former is important: often, rap tends to focus on the (currently) unattainable or centre around a lifestyle that many won’t get anywhere near- it’s hard to criticise that for many rappers, as it’s just simply where their mindset dwells in their current circumstance, but it is generally fantasy talk for listeners. This clearly comes from a place of everyday regularity, and hence it’s not only relatable but also familiar in places, and hence paints a much more realistic mental image. The gritty, industrial production helps to bring out the lyricism further, and though the distortion level on the vocals is a little overdone (occassionally distracting attention away from the lyrical content), it’s an enjoyably dark, anti-authority all-rounder that might just soundtrack your next (comic) book reading.

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