Drake-All Me ft. 2 Chainz and Big Sean

Drake’s recent releases have been much improved over the set that preceded them, to such an extent that my once-famed distate for his work seems to have been forgotten. Well, this might ease me back in the ‘dislike’ direction.

It’s lyrically similar to Started From The Bottom, with the bottom-to-top theme running rampant throughout both Drake’s semi-sung hook and his relatively-intense verse. Credit to him for the latter; his work is generally beginning to pack in much more intensity, which at the very least makes for a departure from his once-monotonous style. However, his lyricism is a little forced throughout, and comes across as a little too light-hearted to warrant the more aggressive delivery he’s chosen here, whilst the dark, somewhat flat production doesn’t help paper the cracks of his songwriting either. I’m all for moody productions, but this doesn’t ever commit to a particular sound (atmospheric? angry? night drive?), and rather just plods along quite arduously, with none of the three rappers offering much to save it- closest thing to replayable is Big Sean’s closing verse, which cycles through a couple of different flows to relatively good effect. Otherwise, this is pretty skippable all-round, and will remain that way when it lands on Nothing Was The Same.

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