Crooked I-No Sleep Gang (Video)

When someone like Crooked I makes a club-ready banger, you had better get your good headphones on. Cardo serves up one hell of a production here, throwing together a top tier production for the newest single from Crook’s recently-released Apex Predator album.

That production is built on two primary components- a fast-paced, urgent melody on top and a eardrum-bursting amount of bass sitting underneath it. There’s plenty in between of note too, from the touch of synth through to a rugged, gristly distorted sound I can’t quite identify, but it’s those first two elements that really make this the type of production you’ll happily throw your body around for when it’s played. Menacing bass and lively melodies rarely fail. Crook’s flows are as watertight as ever, whilst his natural aggression is scaled back a touch to allow for a more club-oriented lyricism, though his rough nature still comes through well-enough. Put it this way: it’s still identifiable as a Crooked I track, but instead it’s got much more mainstream appeal than almost anything I’ve hear from his direction.

The video is pretty simple, as Crook is featured either roaming around in the club, or hanging around with his gang (who, as the title might suggest, aren’t keen on sleep). Nothing new or exciting, but a dimly-lit clip that suits the heavy production well. Grab the track on Apex Predator, which is available now.

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