Childish Gambino-Clapping For The Wrong Reasons (Video)

There’s plenty of messaging and implication packed into a video of such a length, but I’ll try and keep it brief. Essentially, this is a look at both Donald’s daily life and the working process, taking place side-by-side within a rather luxurious mansion surrounded by friends, colleagues (cameos from Flying Lotus, Chance the Rapper, Trindad James, Ludwig Goransson and more) and hangers-on. The latter in particular is a recurring theme, with one female who appears to have a vested interest in Donald’s day-to-day actions without him ever actually knowing who she is-the role seems to symbolise both a guardian angel and the notion of constant distraction, with the woman’s every action usually stopping whatever action he’s doing, and transitioning into another scene soon afterwards.

The other poignant visual is the gold teeth pulled through his nose, which is a difficult one to break down in terms of metaphor, but it came across as a possible shedding or removal of excess and portraying a lavish image- after that scene, there’s no more exuberance or playing around with models. Rather, he retreats to a more reserved, primal state, and almost ‘presses the reset button’, before the video ends by quite literally doing that. It’s one that you might appreciate on a surface level for cool imagery, intriguing music snippets and such, or you’ll find something more. Or, like the video’s title suggests, we might like it either way but still not actually understand it.

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