Captain Murphy-Between Villains ft. DOOM and Earl Sweatshirt

Pseudonym city. As many will know, Murphy is the rapping alter-ego of Flying Lotus, whose production credentials seep into mainstream consciousness with each passing day, whilst DOOM is credited as Viktor Vaughn, one of his many alternative handles.

Comprised of light piano melodies, distant guitar plucks, creepy vocal samples and a few other in-and-out additions, the production is dark, bleak, and downright eerie throughout- an ideal platform for the deadpan deliveries of all involved. Vaughn opens up with a very likeable verse, packing in some very impressive internal rhyme schemes that give his verse a very natural bounce, whilst his comparatively higher pitch leads Earl’s more dulcet tones in excellently, who himself follows up with a solid verse, though not quite on par with his predecessor here. Murphy closes out by lowering the pitch even further with his distorted effect, giving the track’s sonics a natural downward progression that works to create a deep, ‘next level of hell’ type effect, before he switches back to his regular voice to close off another enjoyable verse. 3 verses of good quality, and a grim, gritty production that would be fit to soundtrack any horror movie or bad mood, and it’s another great release from the Adult Swim Singles series.

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