Big Sean-Fire (Video)

Big Sean’s Hall of Fame album is due on 27th August, and when you’ve got Miley Cyrus as the sole star of your latest video, you’ve probably cracked the mainstream quite thoroughly ahead of its release.

The track was premiered just a short while back, and I passed on it as it didn’t really capture my attention. Admittedly, that’s improved with repeat spins, though the production can be rather grating- whilst vocal loop beats can sometimes be quite solid, this one comes in at a pitch that ends up being a touch too piercing to enjoy the whole way through. That being said, the rest of the elements are strong, throwing together Ratatat-esque guitars, a commanding percussion line and a touch of piano keys for a relatively motivational offering. Sean’s lyricism is generally biographical, moving between reflective and modern-day arrogance, with the former being the lyrical highlights.

From that Jay Z reference to various other micro incidents, it seems Miley either wants to be viewed as an adult or is desperate to win over the hip-hop audience. This video is pretty much just her standing or walking around in various outfits, generally looking quite surly to seemingly capture a glamour model vibe. It seems to have the feel of Kanye West’s style of video from around the 808s and MBDTF phase, which works well enough with the audio. Probably worth a quick watch, but give that audio a little time and it might just grow on you.

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