Basement Jaxx-Mermaid of Salinas

If you threw dance, pop and the entire Latin American region into a blender, you’d get a cocktail that tasted something like this sounds. Most of that didn’t make sense, but you get the jist.

After their throwback funky house jam (which also got a video release recently), the veteran act switch things up yet again with this internationally-inspired, feelgood effort. Opening with a soft beach-style, the track quickly grows into a cacophonous blend of Spanish guitars, catchy vocal samples, and a plethora of percussive elements that’s part-infectious, part-indechiperable, but wholly fun and upbeat. It’s not anything you’ll find easy listening during your downtime, but certainly one to throw on in the car or on a bright summer day for full effect.

Whilst it has no business being nearly 8 minutes long, it’s a bubbly, summery track that might just continue the wholly successful comeback that Basement Jaxx have embarked upon (and inevitably, shorter radio edit is likely to find its way out soon). The What a Difference Your Love Makes EP lands on 30th September.

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