B.o.B sounds aggrieved, and comes through with a lyrical output focused around governmental distrust, social commentary and so on; an ever-interesting set of topics that B.o.B lends a good level of emotion to for a sharp reminder of his capabilities.

The first verse focuses on politically-charged conspiracies, with Illuminati references, presidential views and a little more in a charged verse that sets the track off well. A quick switch occurs, with B.o.B intertwining comments on the hood with a couple of jabs on authority for the second verse, before heading back toward the conspiracy route more heavily for the closing verse, paying attention to more global and galactically-focused theories around hidden knowledge and such. For a conspiracy nerd like myself, this (alongside many Ab-Soul tracks) makes for a fun listen that are easy to enjoy- whether it’s the actual referencing of certain theories or simply the knowledge that even well-known folk think about this stuff, there’s a unique novelty about this sort of track, and hence it’ll get a few more plays in my library.

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