Ab-Soul-Christopher DRONEr

Given Ab-Soul’s fondness for conspiratorial topics, and the controversial yet strange nature of the Chris Dorner killings, this is textbook work from the TDE rapper. Few upcomers rap with the venom, belief and combative nature of Ab-Soul, and when combined with his often outspoken, leftfield subject matters, more often than not it’s very unique listening.

He’s backed by an intense, rather uneasy production, which uses bells to great effect to create a dark, post-apocalyptic style sound, built on with slow, sharp percussion and a touch of synth for a hint of modernism. As mentioned above, Soul’s raps feature that conspiratorial influence, tempered with brash street raps and arrogant bragger lines to keep a sense of relative normality running through the track, whilst his flows are admirably flexible throughout, moving through various speeds and cadences to create natural checkpoints in the track. The song has the caption ‘new project coming soon’, and let’s hope it features more of this ilk.

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