Washed Out-Don't Give Up (Video)

Having been a fan of the audio on its release a few weeks back, it’s good to see Washed Out return to his luscious soundscape with an equally exquisite video accompaniment.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re watching Discovery or Nat Geo with this. It plays out like an advertisement for the greatest nature documentary of all-time, featuring slow-motion clips of some of the natural world’s most incredible sights, from free-roaming wild cats to vivid marine life, and adds masses of grandeur to an already-expansive production. It’s ever so simple, yet the rich depth of colour, slow-motion capture and the sheer biodiversity combines for a natural style that may be familiar in other forms of media, but is rarely executed in such fashion for music videos. His dreamy soundscape is a perfect fit for the spectacular scenes too, with the two combining well- the reflective, relaxing aura of the audio is an obvious fit for such visuals, with the brilliance and variety of the colours also helping to build on the track’s inherent mellowness by injecting flashes of intensity. A very enjoyable experience all-round, and don’t forget to grab his Paracosm album on 13th August.

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