Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank-I Need

Collectively known as TGT, this trio of (relatively) old-school R&B crooners are gearing up for a collaborative album, with Three Kings set for arrival on 20th August.

It’s an R&B scene rather devoid of big names at the moment, and I suspect this could end up being a surprisingly popular album. My confidence in that statement comes from the superbly throwback stylings of this fantastic slow jam, harking back to the early-00′s soundarguably the last period whereby soul was still the primary influence on R&B music (it’s now pop, of course). Tank eases the track in well with a smooth performance, allowing the hook he primarily delivers to really impress with its soaring, emotional vocals, and it’s that hook which will certainly win over the original R&B heads. Tyrese follows up with a little more intensity in his verse than Tank, continuing the hook’s momentum well in his distinctive strained style, before another hook break and the piece de resistance verse from Ginuwine, who most certainly reminds everyone of his talent with a superb performance straight out of his prime.

Whilst it’s an unquestionably old-school jam, it ends up sounding pretty fresh in today’s landscape due to the dearth of releases of this nature, and with all three delivering top tier performances that are individually excellent, and admirably cohesive too- it bodes well for that album, and I look forward to more pre-album releases soon.

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