Trinidad James-I Need Mo' (Odd Future Remix) ft. Hodgy Beats and Mike G

i need mo
Seems like it was a long time ago that he was hip-hop’s most buzzed about artist, eh? Trinidad James returns with an OFWGKTA assist on his most recent single (I suspect many of us hadn’t heard the original), and don’t worry- he’s still talking about gold.

That said, this is far less of a gimmicky track that his popular All Gold Everything. The production’s a smooth blend of distorted horns and atmospheric percussion with tons of bass, generally carrying a clunky, jazzy vibe that peaks well during the verses rather than the hook, and ends up making this quite endearing. Trini’s hook is another ‘yell it at the top of your voice in a club, but never listen to it at home’ type, but it’s the verses you’ll stick with this one for; Mike G opens in familiar fashion, delivering his effortless raps in that inimitably rhythmic style, before Trini throws his hat in the ring with an energetic, arrogant performance. Hodgy closes out with a verse somewhere between the two, combining a relatively laidback flow with brash confidence, and finishes off what is a fun bit of light listening to get your head nodding in the car.

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