The Weeknd-Love In The Sky

The build-up to the Kiss Land album continues, as The Weeknd quickly follows up the recent release of Belong To The World with this single. For a man regarded as both enigmatic and mysterious, it’s a surprisingly extroverted approach to the album’s hype trail, and given the quality of the material it’s one that I’m all for.

The previous two singles differed heavily from one another, and this continues the trend with a gentle, much softer approach that will definitely reel in the House of Balloons dedicates. The delicate vocals throughout are reminiscent of many of the works on that mixtape, and hence they’re a mesmerising, crisply-delivered set that really make the most of The Weeknd’s significantly improved (and rather philosophical) songwriting abilities here. He’s backed by a production that’s part-atmospheric R&B, part-alternative, with the airy synths and slow percussion creating an expansive backdrop, which is intermittently pierced by jagged guitars and occasional sharper bursts of drum work- those alternative elements help to add a level of intensity that makes for a natural evolution of his wintery, nighttime soundscapes, and assist in preventing the track’s sound from straying too close to his previous works. A good release, and another positive sign ahead of that album release.

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