Phoenix-Trying To Be Cool (A-Trak Remix)

The infectious positivity of the original track is worringly addictive, and you throw the ever-enjoyable A-Trak into the mix, and you’ve got a twist on that catchy song that’ll command equal footing in your summer playlists.

Coming in at a shade over 7 minutes, it may seem daunting at first (for those with a small brain), but it’s dynamic enough to keep you entertained the whole way through. The opening makes great use of the inherent positivity transmitted by the vocals, throwing them above a production that’s rather similar to a sped-up version of the original backdrop. A-Trak’s influence in wielded more strongly in the following section, as he throws forth bright, vivid synths that infuse the track with a bounce that’ll allow this to translate to the club scene rather easily- it’s a clever juxtaposition, as the heavy utilisation of the original in the intro contrasts well with its almost complete omittance from the middle portion. The track switches back to something resembling that intro once again, but with much more vibrancy, as A-Trak pairs those uplifting vocals with a lively yet slow-building production, leading into an explosive final quarter that brings the buzzing synths of the middle section back. Sure to be a favourite with the electro and house fans, and one worth throwing onto your sunny day playlists.

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