Mike G-1pm

There’s something about Mike’s flow that’s incredibly mesmerising. Initially, I figured it was just a lucky streak on his rather good Ali album, but his various releases and features since have demonstrated a capability for simple, rhythmic deliveries every time. His ability to ride along ever so effortlessly with whatever the chosen production is can only be a good sign for his future, and such control certainly makes him one of Odd Future’s most versatile rappers.

Similar to his work on The Jet Age of Tomorrow’s Asia (from the recent album), Mike’s backed by a drifty production that’s heavy on both minimalism and atmosphere. The airy synths combine well with light yet crisp percussion, creating a cool, calming quality to the soundscape that Mike comfortably bounces along throughout, matching its inherent mellowness with his easygoing raps, whilst his comparatively sharp cadence makes for a good contrast to that overall smoothness.

It’s easy listening hip-hop at its finest, and whilst the clip is just an in-studio performance, it’s enough to show that Mike himself is clearly a pretty easygoing performer, with his presence emanating a calm confidence throughout. Worth a listen for sure, and here’s to hoping a full project is in the works.

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