Miguel-Adorn Remix ft. Jessie Ware

jessie ware
This single has got some serious longevity. Released almost a year ago, its popularity seems to show little sign of waning, and Jessie Ware now helps to extend its shelf-life even further.

It’s a great feature too. Instead of slipping into the simplicity of just contributing a guest verse, Jessie provides a gently contrasting set of vocals throughout, turning the track into a type of duet that has a fantastically old-school flavour. The original had a strong R&B vibe, but this addition certainly helps drag it across into the soul territory a little, and for those of you that have played the original to death, the extent of Jessie’s contribution makes it a worthwhile rework that you can throw on in place of the original to refresh its sound. Given that it’s been given radio play and acknowledgement by Jessie on Twitter, I’d expect an official release in due course.

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