Mayer Hawthorne-Where Does This Door Go (Full Album Stream)

There’s only a week to go until Mayer’s album lands, and the good chaps over at NPR have grabbed an early stream of the LP for listeners to enjoy. The previously-released Her Favorite Song has proven a strong, enduring single, and certainly offer hope ahead of this album’s release.

It feels as though it’s Mayer’s time for mainstream success, and appearances from Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell on this project will certainly help that cause. He’s vocally gifted and lyrically talented, and the only unpredictable variable is his choice of productions- signs suggest he’s not rooting completely in the vintage stylings of his back catalogue, and is rather infusing that with a more modern soul approach for the best of both worlds. All assumptions in truth, and only a listen of the album below will provide answers. Be sure to support next week.

Mayer Hawthorne-Where Does This Door Go (Stream)

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