Mac Miller-Gees ft. ScHoolboy Q (Video)

The dust has most certainly settled, and several folk I’ve spoken to would agree; Mac delivered the best album of the three big releases on 16th June. It’s not full of leftfield beats like Kanye’s, or packed with laidback jams and throwback sampling like Cole’s, but it’s got some solid productions and strong features that carrys several tracks into much longer-term listening territory.

This was one of my favourite tracks from Mac’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and not for any smart or clever reason. Quite the opposite-it’s fun, lighthearted hip-hop with a bouncy production, with catchy and infectious qualities to boot. A lot of the lyricism is silly stuff too, but clearly it’s a track that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and hence is a pretty easy listen throughout, especially when compared to the discordant sounds of Yeezus, and the occassional blandness of Born Sinner.

The video follows the audio’s lead, with Mac hanging around not achieving a great deal, and instead pretty much being high around his neighbourhood. Q’s smooth verse is lively and colourful, featuring him eating and hanging around in a red light room. Simple. There’s no pretension or unnecessary layering here-it’s fun hip-hop that has a good knock to it. Get it on the album.

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