Kings of Leon-Supersoaker

Their sixth album, Mechanical Bull, arrives on 24th September, and the band have let loose the first single from that upcoming LP. Their previous album was certainly one of my favourites from their back catalogue, with its distinct Americana influence making for a thoroughly excellent listen from start to finish, and hence my expectations for this album are rather high.

They’ve allowed some of the aforementioned sound to seep into this one a little, though as with their previous albums, there’s still a sonic alteration that has its own distinctivity. That comes via the sharp instrumentation, which does away with the gentler, more subtle stylings of many tracks on Come Around Sundown, and instead operates in an intense, upbeat manner that combines fast-paced guitars and relentless percussion into a near-cacophonous soundscape. Whilst it’s not necessarily easy on the ears, it is a fun, uplifting listen that’s perfectly suited to a summer day, and feels far more positive and youthful than previous works- that upbeat quality extends to the vocals too, with Caleb’s vocals incorporating a more free, expressive nature that combines well with the frenetic backdrop he’s supported by.

It won’t penetrate the mainstream as some of their previous lead singles have, but I’d imagine it’ll satisfy those who enjoy their work beyond the radio hits. Available now.

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