Kid Cudi-Going to the Ceremony

kid cudi
Usually, as far as releasing new material goes, Cudi’s pretty quiet in between albums. Yet, here he is throwing out a new freebie for the fans, just a couple of months removed from the release of his Indicud album. A pleasant surprise for sure.

With WZRD (Cudi and Dot Da Genius) listed as producers, you can rightly expect a heavy alternative influence- whilst many weren’t into their alt-heavy WZRD album, I felt it certainly had its moments, and this would have stood up rather well on that album. The razor sharp guitar chords command attention from the very beginning, with a chunky nature that drives the track forwards, and a slow-paced delivery that assists the airy synths in creating a nice sense of nighttime atmosphere, particularly on the hook. It’s rare to hear such spiky guitars used in that sort of dreamscape-esque context, and it most definitely works a treat with Cudi’s naturally melodic vocals, as his mellow delivery crawls through the track with a stop-start delivery that allows the production plenty of room to breathe. It’s an expansive sound that may be a taste of what a possible follow-up to the WZRD album may sound like, and one with lots of promise.

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