Kanye West-Black Skinhead (Video)

Yeezus‘ novelty has worn off, but this track remains one of the album’s few enduring highlights. The production lands in a middle ground between crunching industrial rock and speaker-battering hip-hop, squeezed into an intense, frenetic overall package that has a certain infectious energy about it. Unlike vast portions of the album, the lyricism isn’t entirely focused around his wealth either, rather coming across as an arrogant and rebellious stream of consciousness that suits the powerful production down to the ground.

The video is about as minimal as the album attempted to be (for all the claims that it’s super minimal, it’s still quite lavish and maximal in places). Black and white is the theme, and the sole character is a CGI version of Kanye, complete with heavy gold chain and what I assume to be a rather ‘altered’ body type. Digital Kanye’s movements are intercut with occasional blasts off aggressive animal mouths, glitchy, armour-esque dress, and aside from that, there isn’t a huge amount going on. Its odd, dark nature works well with the audio without question, and makes for a strange (in a good way) accompaniment to a truly leftfield track. Yeezus available now.

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