Kanye West-Black Skinhead Video (for real this time)

It appears the previous clip masquerading as the official video for this track wasn’t quite final or official, and after expressing his disgust at its leak last week, ‘Ye drops off the official accompanying visuals.

The video is mostly the same, though there are a handful of adjustments- the graphics are smoother, and there’s much more done with the quickfire transitions between track segments. The latter effect is clearly part of the video has becoming interactive, and I use that term a little loosely: when you hit Kanye’s site, there’s a press release on how it’s an ‘online interactive experience’, but you can pretty much just adjust the speed/pitch, and take some screenshots. Aren’t these things people can do anyway?

Not to criticise someone trying something new, but it’s not actually new. The quick transitions and image flashes (surrounding the dog barks, for example) is geared toward that screenshotting idea, encouraging folk to try and capture all of the brief items put on show and share them around. It’s a fun thought, but with the video being so minimal and stripped-back, you wonder whether anything found would enhance the experience of both the song and the video. Credit for trying something different though. Watch the clip here.

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