Justin Timberlake-Take Back The Night

Apologies for the recent absence. It’s easier to be outdoors than indoors. Time to catch up with the releases of the last few days, and none are bigger than the first single from The 20/20 Experience, part 2.

Suit & Tie came with a little bit of an old-school vibe, and that carried through to one or two tracks on JT’s recent album. However, this time Justin’s really backed that vintage sound with this effort, channelling a throwback sound that lands pretty close to the Jackson 5/Michael Jackson’s early work. The funk-driven production is the primary component of this track’s retro flavour, with the bouncy melodies being eerily reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, whilst the sporadic string touches add a touch of classical vibrancy to fill out that soundscape. It’s hard to shake the impression that it’s a slowed down version of the aforementioned Michael Jackson single, and in truth that’s not necessarily a bad thing-it’s almost a cover without being a cover, and hence plays quite safe territory by evoking the fond nostalgia of the original, without ever directly replicating it.

The vocal work is solid throughout, with JT remaining fun and harmonic without being too overbearing, and hence allowing the distinctive production to breathe. Unfortunately, there are some Timbaland adlibs. Can’t that guy shut up?

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